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04 marzo 2021

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Experimental setup


Vibration analysis of gear pairs

The test rig is focused on the dynamic analysis of gear pairs, with the goal of understanding the vibration behaviour of gears as the design parameters are changed.
The test rig is equipped with two 75Hp CC Electric Motors (motor and brake) with circulation of electric power.
Two accelerometers per gear allow to transduce the angular speed fluctuation (dynamic transmission error) and two torquemeters measure the actual applied torque.
An acquisition and signal processing system is developed in the lab for measuring, filtering and process accelerometer data for a rwal time extraction of the dynamic tramsission error, carrying out spectral analysis and estimating the RMS of the vibration level on the line of action of gears. The system was developed using a National Instruments technology and LabView software.

The test rig was developed in cooperation with Case New Holland S.p.A.

Gear Vibration Test Rig 


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