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24 gennaio 2021

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Modal Analysis

The experimental modal analysis identifies the main vibrational characteristics of mechanical structures such as natural frequencies, damping and modes of vibration.

Typical Modal Testing

  • Impact hammer excitation

  • Shaker based excitations (sine, sweep/chirp, random)

Dynamic Tests

Using shaking tables and control systems, closed loop vibration tests are performed to verify the resistance to dynamic excitations.
Typical tests:

  • sine excitation (amplitude and frequency control)

    • fixed frequency

    • time varying frequency (Oct/min)

    • Track and Dwell

  • impulse tests: amplitude, pulse type (ISO, MIL-STD,...), and duration control

  • random: PSD user-defined, real time closed loop control

  • shaking table with or without slip-table (up to 40kN, 100g RMS)

Vibration measurements (In lab or on the field)

Vibration measurements: displacement, velocity, acceleration; determination of: spectra, max amplitude, RMS (bandwidth analysis).

Non-contact measurements: laser-Doppler vibrometer, laser telemeters
Typical application in Machine monitoring, Fault detection, Diagnostics, Prognostics


Climatic Test Chamber

Temperature (Humidity) & Vibration Combined Environmental Test Chamber (-70 +180°C)





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