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24 gennaio 2021

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Test Facilities

Test and Computing Facilities
The lab is organized in two sections: Experimental Testing, Numerical Computation
Experimental Testing Facilities
  • Setup for endurance tests on gearboxes
  • Setup for vibration measurements on gears
  • Shaking Tables/Shakers: 10000N 100g 5-2500Hz; 500N 50g 5-2500Hz, 1100N 5-10000Hz, 10N 30-10000Hz
  • Impact hammers
  • Laser Doppler vibrometer
  • Transducers: dynamic force tranducers, accelerometers, Laser Telemeter (0-5000Hz)
  • Acquisition, control, signal processing and modal analysis systems
    • LMS SCADAS III with Test Lab Software
    • LDS Dactron Laser (shaker control)
    • Ono Sokky real time spectrum analyzer
    • National Instruments cards with software developed in the lab using LabView development tools

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