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04 marzo 2021

In evidenza:

Mechanical transmissions

Course content:

1) Vehicle longitudinal dynamics and gearboxes:
Vehicle longitudinal dynamics
Mechanical gearboxes
Operating priciple; car and motorcycle gearboxes
Choice of gear ratios
How do gears work
Design criteria
Synchronizers; operating principle, design criteria
Range transmissions / splitter transmissions
Dual clutch trasmission (DCT)

2) Automatic gearboxes
Working principle
Torque converters, sizing criteria, lock-up, retarders
Planetary gearboxes, how do they work, efficiency
Continuously varying transmissions (CVT)
Hybrid drivetrains

3) Differentials and transfer cases
Conical/cylindrical gear differentials
Differential on a slippery ground, locking
Lateral load transfer
Dissipated power
Limited Slip Differentials (LSD)
Transfer cases and viscous joints, efficiency

4) Mechanical joints and clutches
Homokinetic joints
Clemens joint, Rzeppa joint, Tripod joint
Dry clutches, diaphragm springs, clutch dampers


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